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Michael Stringer

Michael Stringer

Sales Director U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group [email protected] (410) 337-7577

As the Director of Enrollments, Michael Stringer has been with Select Benefits Communications Group (SBCG) for over fifteen years. He manages and coordinates large multi-state employer group enrollments, in addition to working more intimately with SBCG’s core group of long time benefit counselors on smaller local and regional cases.  Mr. Stringer also serves as a Sales Director for their parent company, U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group.

Michael is hands-on, working closely with insurance carriers, the SBCG team and, most importantly, Human Resource and benefit managers to meet all the needs of a client.

Prior to joining SBCG, Michael was a corporate webcast producer in New York City, most notably producing the United Nations World Summit in September 2000.