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We provide leading technology solutions and implementation support to simplify and elevate the administration of your benefits. Cultivating an extensive toolbox of technological resources is just another way that we proudly serve our clients.

Benefits Administration Center of Excellence

Through our Benefits Administration Center of Excellence (BACOE), we offer three exceptional benefits administration platforms that provide an intuitive and user-friendly enrollment experience for you and your employees. Based in Grapevine, TX, our expert staff is comprised of project managers, platform configuration specialists, technical support analysts, and technologists and data engineers, each focused on equipping employers with the optimal enrollment platform to address their needs.

Our team works collaboratively with you to design your open enrollment experience, making sure we meet the unique needs of each client. We build, test, and stage your plans for open enrollment to ensure the highest quality enrollment that meets or exceeds our established quality targets.

Benefits Administration & Enrollment Technology

The BEACON (Benefits Education, Administration and Communications Online) is the most robust of our BenAdmin platforms. The integrated, cloud-based system facilitates employee enrollment through a customized self-service online portal, in-person enrollments, as well as a call center enrollment and support option. The platform has full bilingual capability with a single click.

The BEACON has a series of communications capabilities that include year-round email and text campaigns, with targeted messaging that is tailored to each employee’s goals and preferences. It also includes integrated decision-support tools, which help employees choose the best benefits based on their personal preferences and life events. The algorithms provide for a more guided experience, eliminating guess work and ambiguity.

The fully secure platform is SOC1 accredited, assuring the highest level of cybersecurity.

U.S. Enrollment Services Benefits Center (Call Center)

Based in Harrisburg, PA, and servicing all time zones, the U.S. Enrollment Services Benefits Center is a facility that utilizes some of the most modern technology to monitor and support client and participant communications and can support up to 100 Benefits Associates and bilingual enrollers. Leveraging robust call technology and interpersonal feedback, every aspect of the client experience is monitored, recorded, and tracked.  Ongoing client quality measures and telephonic surveys ensure that every client receives timely, accurate and professional service.

The Benefits Center works as an extension to the employer’s Human Resources Department, taking calls and questions during Open Enrollment and for New Hire Onboarding throughout the year.

Benefits Dashboard

The Benefits Dashboard takes the single-source service model to the next level. This groundbreaking platform streamlines data from all your USEBSG services and consolidates them into one easy-to-use site. From benefits administration to compliance services to retirement plans, you can find all the information you need, conveniently located in one place. In addition to direct access to your existing services, the site also provides educational information for other eligible services.

The fully secure platform is customized for each employer, and there is no cost to the employer. The simple, user-friendly technology eases the administrative burden of managing numerous benefit plans and services. It can be accessed from your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Employer Benefits Website

We build custom employee-facing benefits websites for clients to enable them to access their employer-specific benefit plan information, including coverage details, vendor contact data, documents, benefits guide, and link to your enrollment platform.

ACA, COBRA and FMLA Technology Services

Utilizing a staff of industry experts and state-of-the-art technology, our systems and processes help ensure that your organization adheres to HR and ACA compliance best practices and remains penalty free.

Our HR technology solutions include extensive ACA tracking and reporting functionality that ensures you meet all Affordable Care Act mandates. Plus, we have innovative technology systems that handle all aspects of COBRA and FMLA administration, relieving you of the time-consuming burden of managing these programs.