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Hunter Whittington

Hunter Whittington

Managing Director U.S. Enrollment Services [email protected] (561) 910-4334

Hunter began his insurance career in 1988 working with educators in the 403(b) market offering payroll deducted retirement annuities. In 1990 he founded his own agency, Whittington Benefit Services (WBS), and transitioned to offering payroll deducted supplemental insurance programs in the workplace. WBS specialized in working with Employers to enhance benefit offerings through providing voluntary products. In 2008, Hunter sold his firm to BenTec Workplace Solutions to help create a national footprint for enrollment services.

In 2018 BenTec was acquired by U.S. Retirement & Benefits Partners  (USRBP) and rebranded as U.S. Enrollment Services to create an enrollment division for the organization. Hunter is responsible for providing a seamless enrollment process for Employer groups that will drive employee engagement. Through communication, education, and an effective enrollment strategy, employees realize more value in their employer-sponsored  benefit programs.

Hunter has consistently been recognized by his insurance carriers as a top performer for over 30 years. He has been awarded as Producer of the Year by the Voluntary Benefits Institute, as well as lifetime sustaining member of Allstate’s app-a-day club. Hunter has been a member of numerous Advisory Boards within the voluntary benefits arena over the years.

Hunter attended and is a graduate of VA. Tech and the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Marketing. He and his wife are residents of Delray Beach and have enjoyed the South Florida lifestyle since 1985.