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Carol Hayward

Carol Hayward

Relationship Manager (BENCOR) U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group [email protected] (615) 515-4424

Carol Hayward is BENCOR’s Director of Administrative Services.  In this role she is responsible for all aspects of the daily support of BENCOR’s FICA Alternative and Special Pay Plans, including coordination of all plan participant and plan sponsor support services.

Carol has been the Director of Administrative Services for BENCOR Plans and has been directly involved with the administration, design and IRS qualification of BENCOR Special Pay Plans and BENCOR 401(a) FICA Alternative Plans for the past 21 years.  Previously, she was responsible for operation and installation of defined contribution plans. Carol previously served as Controller and HR/Payroll Director of two privately held firms, and has 30+ years of accounting experience, including 24 years directly related to retirement plans.

Carol also serves as a Relationship Manager for this location in Florida.