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Who We Are

Founded in 2006 as Titan Insurance & Employee Benefits Agency, LLC, our group established a strong reputation as a trusted, independent employee benefits firm headquartered in Rochester, NY.

With a primary focus on businesses throughout the Upstate and Greater New York regions, Titan joined U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group (USEBSG) in 2012, providing new access to a national network of resources for public and private employers. This partnership led to a major expansion into Long Island and Albany, New York and into Pennsylvania.

As a full-service employee benefits firm, we proudly deliver efficiencies, cost savings, and strategic thinking to employers and provide integrated solutions to one of the most expensive and critical aspects of your organization: your employees. Our commitment to remaining at the forefront of all health care and employee benefits trends is bolstered by ongoing communication and professional development that enriches this organization.

Meet our experienced and knowledgeable team.

Strategic partnerships are driven by the commitment to exceed expectation and offer value that is innovative and ahead of the curve. We are proud members and supporters of the following local, regional and national organizations:

Who We Serve


Whether you are a small business, large employer, or somewhere between the two, our benefits team can help identify the right criteria to provide the best plan options for both you and your employees.  

Our consultative approach to developing strategy is focused on creating solutions. We understand the importance of a qualified and motivated workforce. We also know that benefits programs provided to employees are one of the most compelling drivers of staff retention. Following your unique objectives as a guide, we can help design the benefits solution that yields the best results for your organization.  

Public Employers

For most school districts, health insurance is the second largest annual budget item after payroll and personnel costs — a cost that continues to rise each budget cycle. Both health care reform and changing economic conditions have transformed the world of employee benefits. In direct response to these factors, we utilize strategies that mitigate costs, creating efficiencies and savings through technology, product design, and a list of full-service features.  

Critical responsibilities accompany these offerings, such as the need to balance costs with the value of benefits, adhere to compliance measures, track data and monitor eligibility — tasks that have become increasingly more difficult for many. As your partner, we act as a trusted advisor for all facets of a district’s health and welfare plan. We manage the complete employee benefits experience to create an environment of success in an innovative and adaptable way.  


Have you lost group coverage? Are you a sole proprietor? Are you retiring early and in need of a health plan to fill the gap prior to Medicare? We can help.

As licensed brokers on and off the exchange, we are able to recommend plans and solutions for individuals looking for affordable benefits and excellent coverage. We are committed to being industry experts and helping our clients find health plans that fit their specific, individual needs. Whether you are considering a high-deductible health plan or a more traditional co-pay plan, our recommendations are based solely on your goals and best interests. As consumer-driven health care continues to create a greater variety of options, we are committed to making all options available to you.

Working with an experienced consultant means you can have the best options available on the market customized specifically for you.


We serve employers of various types and sizes, as well as individuals, with an all-encompassing approach to employee benefits, providing a one-stop resource for our clients in the New York and Pennsylvania areas. Our ability to deliver excellence through employee advocacy, compliance support, analytics, and HR technology offers seamless administration to anyone looking for a reliable, competent business partner in the employee benefits arena. We rigorously pursue new ideas, work with best-in-class partners, and consistently challenge the status quo in order to provide our clients with the industry’s best options through a singular resource: your relationship with us.

Utilizing a consultative and analytical approach to your employee benefits plans begins with our team developing a deep understanding of your goals. Plan design, contribution strategies, and the impact of health care reform all shape the needs of your employee benefits plans. Our consultants guide you through this compliance-heavy landscape and recommend options that suit your individual or organizational needs and objectives, crafting strategies that promote wellness, reduce risk, and deliver high-quality service at a low cost.

Our firm is a member of the ProSential Group — one of the largest broker groups in the country. Through ProSential’s exclusive online private exchange solution, we are able to offer competitive benefits options to our clients in an all-inclusive, user-friendly platform. Our ProSential partnership provides us with a national vehicle for best practice solutions that are supplemented by industry-leading technology, allowing us to share a bounty of resources with our clients, including payroll, workforce management, administration, legal guidance, access to our private exchange and outsourcing HR needs.

Preparation & Consultation Services, including:

  • ACA Compliance Support & Guidance Audits
  • Comprehensive Health Care Reform Consulting
  • Efficiency through Technology & Benefit Administration
  • Integrated Payroll & Workforce Planning
  • Ongoing Enrollment & Marketing
  • Full Carrier Management
  • Benefit & Contribution Strategy
  • Employee Engagement & Education
  • Full-Service Team, from Group Underwriter to HR Support

Services for Core and Voluntary Benefits, including:

  • Section 125 Administration
  • Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs)
  • Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRAs) or Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • Dental Plans
  • Vision Plans
  • Telemedicine
  • Life Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Voluntary Life
  • Short & Long Term Disability
  • COBRA/HIPAA Administration
  • Critical Illness
  • Various Worksite Products (e.g. Cyber Theft, Pet Insurance)


Our consultants are ready to work with you to build a detailed understanding of your unique goals. Once goals are defined and can be targeted, we develop and strategize a plan that delivers for both employer and employee.

Our Consulting Services Deliver:

  • Relationships founded on a consultative and analytical approach that considers your company’s goals, business model and niche, industry-specific objectives
  • Current and long-term solutions that support your objectives and are advocated for in all service provider relationships
  • Funding alternatives through contribution study and analysis  
  • Solution-based thinking that utilizes a team of experienced professionals
  • In-house marketing department that expertly markets to multiple carriers
  • Plan recommendations of benefits plans that meet your short-term and long-term goals
  • Enrollment/Education to ensure employee understanding and satisfaction
  • Employee services that take the management burden off you
  • Proactive plan review to ensure the plan’s continued effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance


The Expertise You Need to Succeed

Ensuring Benefits Plan Compliance: Ongoing compliance support is critical, especially regarding health care reform. Industry regulations force organizations to meet regulatory requirements of the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor, and the Federal Government. Our stringent compliance oversight offers protection from incurring liabilities you may otherwise encounter.

Our consultants are ready to review your current plan, identify potential compliance concerns, and develop an employee benefits plan that ensures your compliance with federal and state regulations. Helping our clients build awareness and knowledge of all aspects of the compliance process allows them to tend to their business needs with confidence.

Compliance Dashboard: Our team recommends this web-based tool that minimizes liability, conserves staff time, and reduces administrative costs, all while establishing a reliable and verifiable process.

Affordable Care Act Compliance: We host ACA educational seminars and planning meetings to maintain open and transparent communication with all stakeholders. Our clients are confident of their compliance with all federal mandates because of the vital partnerships they forge with their consultant team. Our compliance team determines adherence to applicable mandates, then recommends tools to streamline reporting to eliminate penalties or fines.

ACA Chart

Our ACA Compliance Services Provide:

  • Employer shared responsibility (pay or play) and the development of your measurement periods
  • Managing your workforce hours within the parameters of the new requirements
  • Reporting requirements to the government and your employees (1094B/C & 1095B/C)
  • Financial impacts of current and future legislation
  • Ongoing employee education and engagement


Protecting Your Benefits Portfolio

Our team will review plan designs and rates, utilization trends, and cost/benefit scenarios to protect and advocate for your organization’s benefits portfolio in all carrier relationships. We aggressively market all lines of ancillary coverage to assist in developing an employee benefits package that best matches your strategic goals.

Benefits & Contribution Strategy

Our expertise in analyzing trends and utilization rates helps us ensure that the level of benefits provided conforms to your budgetary expectations. Our actuarial and underwriting skills are vital assets used to analyze claims data, which helps us identify and recommend cost-saving solutions based on real metrics. An ongoing budget process, including quarterly and annual reviews, provides an opportunity to project renewal rates and offer possible resolutions based on analytics. The process allows for cost-saving measures to be more easily identified and strategically implemented.

Full Carrier Management

Ongoing claims monitoring throughout the year provides insight into plan performance and renewal increases. Once received, we compare incurred claims to internal reporting for accuracy, thoroughly reviewing methodology and all actuarial factors, including trends. This provides a foundation upon which we base and advocate our recommendations. Our in-house expertise in rate development, combined with an analytical approach, provides stability and allows you to prepare for recommended changes.

Funding Options

We can help you explore various funding arrangements for health insurance, including prospective experience rated, contingency premium, minimum premium with cash cap, and self-funding. A complete analysis of these rating methodologies will provide you with the most advantageous options that speak to your needs.

Wellness Advocacy

Increase productivity and reduce health care costs with a proactive approach to wellness.

Our efforts to promote and educate companies about wellness incentives is just one way we exercise our commitment to the overall health and well-being of our clients and their employees.  A proactive approach to employees’ wellness contributes to a boost in morale, increased productivity and reduction of health care costs.

We will help you engage your employees in ongoing wellness initiatives, providing educational guidance, reading materials, and supplementary information that ensures your employees have the knowledge base to develop the skills needed to enact positive, health-conscious habits. Contact us today to learn how you can design a successful wellness plan for your organization.  

Technology Solutions

We offer a host of solutions for the ever-increasing demand for integrated systems that blend payroll, human resource and workforce planning processes. The integration of automated systems can create savings and streamline administrative procedures, creating data-driven results that can lead to financially sound decision making. This level of reporting produces documentation that can safeguard against penalty scenarios and serve as a proactive best practice model.  

Through our partners and affiliates, we can recommend the product that will best serve your business or organization. Our technology team is ready to walk you through each step of the implementation process, educating and advising along the way. You can rest assured that our selected partners and vendors are up to the standards that we demand in order to properly serve our clients’ needs.

Our suite of products will move your organization forward.

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