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Pally Grewal

Pally Grewal

Sales Director U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group [email protected] (559) 733-1670

Pally Grewal is a Sales Director at U.S. Chimienti & Associates, a U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group partner firm. Pally and the Chimienti staff work together on developing and administering customized benefit packages for small and large employer groups that allow them to maintain a competitive edge in attracting and retaining quality employees while protecting them against financial exposure due to the unexpected. Pally places our clients as his top priority to ensure that they are receiving exceptional service, which is the backbone to establishing lasting client relationships. Pally also assists our broker partners and their clients in understanding, managing, and providing “work-site” solutions that are up-to-date with a dynamically changing industry.

Since 1999, Pally has specialized in insurance and investment planning for individual and business clients with Fortune 500 insurers and has been responsible for researching and incorporating new product lines in efforts to become a leader in this industry. Pally has received recognition by several organizations for his initiative and personal achievements by focusing on client development, therefore, excelling his career into advanced leadership roles.

Pally received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration with and emphasis in Management. Since then he has continued expanding his professional knowledge by obtaining certifications and continuing education. He has increased his formal education by obtaining his Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration from Kaplan University.

Pally resides in the Fresno, California with his wife and family.