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Bill Marvin

Bill Marvin

Sales Director U.S. Employee Benefits Services Group [email protected] (855) 562-7821 x112

Bill Marvin is a Sales Director and Business Development Executive with USEBSG’s Rochester office.  He joins the firm after a long career representing the NYBEST Agency in the school district market.  NYBEST is an association of school districts in NY State and was formed to control costs, performance of insurance products, and offer professional expertise.

Bill first came to NYBEST in 2004 after spending 25 years in the insurance industry as an insurance broker and benefits consultant. His primary focus over these years has been in the area of Group Insurance, including Life Insurance, Long Term Disability, Dental, and other employee benefits.

He is focused on expanding NYBEST into the Long Island school market with USEBSG as the appointed administrator for NYBEST. His overall objective is to work with clients to define their employee benefits objectives, advocate for optimal products, and implement the appropriate programs from the perspective of coverage as well as meeting budgetary constraints.

Bill graduated from Hartwick College with a Bachelor’s Degree.  With almost 40 years in the insurance industry, he continues to refine his knowledge and keep informed about industry trends through professional development opportunities.